Enrolment policy

At Te Punanga O Te Reo Kuki Airani we provide an equitable and accurate system to enroll all families at our centre to ensure that required records are kept for each child who attend the centre.

On enrolment, parents/caregivers/whānau will be asked to complete enrolment forms for their children which will include details on parent/guardian details, emergency contacts, medical details, collection of children and fee payments etc.

If a parent or guardian requests special custody arrangements (anyone who is legally prevented from picking up or having contact with a child) they will be requested to bring in the custody forms for sighting and noting on the enrolment form.

Parents will give permission for their child to be photographed for planning purposes.

The Ministry of Health requires all licensed early childhood centre’s to sight and record every child’s immunisation history on enrolment, or in the case of a child under 15 months, once that child reaches the required age. An immunisation register will be kept by the administrator or supervisor recording these details. This will be regularly updated.

Parents/families are made aware of the methods available to pay accounts.

New prospective families enquiring by phone about the centre will be invited to visit.

New families will be welcomed and shown around and introduced to other staff members.

All families are given an information booklet in their enrolment pack.

On enrolment, families are informed of the need to give two weeks’ notice (or Payment in lieu) of their intention to vacate their enrolled space.

On enrolment information about weekly payment of fees and debt collection policy will be given to parent/caregivers. Families at this time will be asked to sign that they understand in the event of a bad debt, the account will be lodged with a Debt Collection Agency and all recovery costs incurred will be added to their account.

Enrolment enquiry